The Demand of Executive Education in the current scenario

Organisations are looking at executive education as an important tool for the development of its employees.  The Organisations have realized the impact it can provide to the productivity of its employees.

Organisations are  bringing back the conventional wisdom of teaching combined with modern-day training methods

However, different organisations have a different take on this. While some organisations have been looking at leadership development through executive education only, there are others that are taking a more proactive and well-planned approach by identifying specific skills and levels for which executive education makes maximum sense. Executive Education particularly from some of the esteemed colleges internationally, serves as a very strong motivation and engagement opportunity. At senior levels, employees look at executive education as a way of networking and gaining exposure to some of the best practices in the function

The last few years has shown that the growth of organisations has been directly associated to the growth of the human capital. This consequently has created the need for attracting, developing and retaining the talent pool across various organisational segments. The days of conducting standard training programmes for employees are over and the focus has now shifted to specialised courses depending on actual professional requirements

Organisations should invest heavily in talent developing initiatives and offer a multitude of learning and development opportunities and professional training across functions.  Similarly some Companies like KPMG has tied up with NIIT Imperia to launch three taxation programmes namely – Certificate Programme in Tax Regulations, Advanced Programme in Tax Regulations and Diploma in Tax Regulations, primarily designed to meet the growing training needs of finance, accounting, taxation professionals and other stakeholders.

These programmes Also serves as a  serious engagement among executives, who are on the leading edge of current business thought and management theory development

Executive education helps organisations and employees reap the following advantages:

• Improved business performance;

• Flexibility in meeting one’s business needs;

• A positive influence on the organisation’s brand value;

• International focus.

Whatever the route, executive education seems to be a viable alternative to losing employees to higher studies.


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