Why Vote for BJP – Narendra Modi ?

For the last few days some of my friends , colleagues and even my family members are asking me why I am so passionate about Narendra Modi and why I want to cast my vote to him and not anyone else.

Have I made up my mind? Well yes I have bcoz I believe in him. I strongly know that he will live upto our expectations. My belief is not centered on some hypothetical reasons and also not bcoz there is a modi wave and I want to be part of it.

I am jotting down some vital points, which I feel will urge my friends , colleagues and near and dear ones to think once before voting on that particular day. Basically I am writing this for the fence-sitters who haven’t yet made up their mind.

Do you want to caste your vote for Development? Then Mr. Narendra Modi is the man

I will definitely belief a person who have consecutively won the State elections and have surpassed all development records than a person who doesn’t have the credentials of even a State/Cabinet Minister ( Mr. Rahul Gandhi ) or a person who quit the government without completing 50 days ( Mr. Arvind Kejriwal). It’s scary to think that in a country of 1.2 billion we are running out of options and wanted to hand over the country to quitters.

Do you want to vote for a person who believes in Secularism? Then Mr. Narendra Modi is the man.

You guys might be flabbergasted that why even I am talking on this controversial topic as one of the reasons. Does it mean I am a communal guy ? Oh certainly not. In my PG days 2 of my good friends are from this community. My roommate was a Muslim. Just the way I believe in Hindutva and in the same breath I respect Islam religion. No person have any right to kill people be it Muslim , Hindu or any religion. What happened in 2002 in Gujrat was unfortunate to the point of deplorable (remember even Hindus died in that riot). What is unfortunate is that Politician who have no other option to counter Modi are using this weapon successfully

Is Modi responsible for Gujrat Riot ? No. A big NO. Who am I to prosecute him when the Supreme Court of India ( Not of Uganda or Pakistan ) have acquitted him of all the charges. Already People responsible for this 2002 massacre are punished and some of them are waiting for trial. If found guilty they should be hanged till death. Please be advised that life is peaceful after 2002 in Gujarat and there was no instances of any communal Riot.

And is it that massacre of Muslims only happened in Gurjat under Modi rule. Certainly not. The below are certainly not only numbers but it shows how communal some parties are who preach about Secularism.

The below Riots happened under Congress Rule

1947 Communal riots in Bengal | 5000-10000 Killed

1969 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad | More than 512 Killed in the city. 3000 to 15000 range in the entire state

Feb 1983 | Communal violence in Nellie, Assam | 2000-5000 killed

1964 Communal riots in Rourkela & Jamshedpur | 2000 Killed

August 1980 | Moradabad Communal riots | Approx 2000 Killed

October 1989 | Bhagalpur, Bihar riots | 800 to 2000 killed

Dec 1992 – Jan 1993 | Mumbai, Maharashtra riots | 800 to 2000 killed

April 1985 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | At least 300 Killed

Dec 1992 | Aligarh, UP | At least 176 killed | Ruling party Congress

December 1992 | Surat, Gujarat | At least 175 killed

December 1990 | Hyderabad, AP | At least 132 killed

August 1967 | 200 Killed | Communal riots in Ranchi

April 1979 | Communal riots in Jamshedpur, West Bengal | More than 125 killed

1970 | Bhiwandi communal riots in Maharashtra | Around 80 killed

May 1984 | Communal riots in Bhiwandi | 146 Killed

Apr-May 1987 | Communal violence in Meerut, UP | 81 killed

July 1986 | Communal violence in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | 59 Killed


Do you want to cast your votes to a party which will eradicate poverty , women empowerment and other critical factors ? Then Mr. Narendra Modi is the man.

Well I believe in a person who have successfully worked on this critical issues in his State for a good number of years than a person who have not even done it in Panchayat Level (RG) or a person(AK) who have given a chance by the “common man’ but he choose to run away for a bigger CHAIR.


In order to substantiate my fact , I will give you a hypothetical example. Let’s take Cricket.

Whom do you want to lead the Indian cricket team ? A successful State Level Cricket captain              ( NM) or A Junior Level Ranji player ( RG) or A Captain who quit the captaincy within 49 days bcoz he want to lead the national team ?


If still I have to choose someone from Congress I will blindly choose Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and Not RG. But unfortunately Tarun is not the contender and neither


RG still talks about abolishing poverty , creation of new jobs , social upliftment. Oh God.Give me a break. Congress ruled this country for the max amount of years. What was your party doing in those many years. “Playing kabbadi with all the country men” If you can’t do it in last 10 years the why should I commit the same mistake again by casting my vote to you.



Do you want to cast your votes to a person whose attributes are honesty and confidence beside other factors ? Then Mr. Narendra Modi is the man


Simple. I am not confident handing over the reins of this country to person with a learners knowledge. Thinking whom I am referring to…. Well peep into the First and the Last Interview he had given to Arnab Goswami ( Times Now ). Even a village panchayat speaks better than that.


Well on corruption , Rahul Sir let’s not talk on this issue. We all know how many scams your party have done over the last 10 years. Even a panwala knows about it so will not bore my friends stating the obvious things.


And our common man ( AK) have given enough hints that he will create world record on corruption if he comes to power. The inner dealings with Media journalist ( can be seen in youtube) is one of the instance.


I think that even Sonia Gandhi and Rahul will vote for Narendra Modi.


Well guys want to end it by saying that every vote counts and this Democratic Maha Mela happens once in 5 years so why not give a chance to Mr. Narendra Modi and let him prove his mettle. If he doesn’t live up to our expectations there is always the next judgment day.



Ek Chance to banta Hai.


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